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Dr. Orenstein
Pain Management

Dr. Orenstein is a Cum Laude graduate of Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his residency in Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Orenstein is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He also has a subspecialty board certification in pain medicine, and is certified in osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment by the International Society of Bone Densitometry. He holds a special interest in balance disorders as well. 

Dr. Orenstein is experienced in outpatient treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and pain medicine. He performs interventional pain medicine techniques including spinal injections, and sympathetic blocks, as well as electro­diagnostic studies and prolotherapy. 

Dr. Orenstein has been in practice since 1997.

Our physicians at Triangle Orthopaedics are committed to outstanding patient care, treatment, and services for our North Carolina patients. We take the time to listen and understand our patients’ needs, and offer personalized treatment plans and options to address each individual. As the largest private orthopaedic practice in the Carolinas, we focus on multiple specialties, including diagnosis, treatment, neurological issues, rheumatoid disorders, rehabilitation, and chronic pain. Dr. Raphael Orenstein's primary specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Patient Testimonials:

In summary, as I've reminded him many times since our first meeting in about early 1999, "I owe Dr. Orenstein my life -- for his apparent expertise AND willingness to 'think outside of the box'! 
In short, when a non-TO practitioner misdiagnosed fractures to my L3, 4 and 5 vertebrae from a MVA, I gradually became paralyzed as the recommended physical therapy for a non-existent displaced disk led calcium to increasingly encapsulate my spinal cord. Instead of severing the nerves in my back, as was initially recommended by TO's medical staff, Dr. Orenstein recommended alternative therapies including acupuncture and chiropractor. It was a long road back to normalcy. But, today, at 69 y.o. and with his continuing support and monitoring, I've an active, mostly pain-free life, including continuing to hike, kayak and train horses. Thank you, Dr. Orenstein, for giving me back my life!" 

Emory University School of Medicine 

Rehabilitation Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Board Certifications:
American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine and Osteoporosis 


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