Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Mission Statement

"Giving value to every human being, no matter our differences."

At NCSH, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion drive meaning and value for our employees, and make our organization better able to serve our patients and community. Respect and dignity are core values within our organization, reflecting our commitment to show high regard for the opinions and ideas of others and remain open-minded to all individuals’ beliefs, differences, and unique perspectives.

Acknowledging that we have more work to do, our governing board and hospital leadership are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within our organization. To spearhead such advances, the leadership team has invested in the development of the DEI Taskforce, as well as the necessary resources and external partnerships for the taskforce to obtain its vision.

It is the MISSION of the DEI Program to develop and implement leadership-supported diversity, equity and inclusion policies, practices and trainings, so that every employee and patient feels valued as an individual and is a vital part of the greater organization and community.

Our VISION is to foster an organization that welcomes diverse backgrounds and perspectives, provides equal opportunity for employment and advancement, and receives frequent feedback and evaluation from employees and patients, ensuring all feel heard, respected and valued.

Objectives that support our Mission:

  • Promote awareness of the DEI Program and Taskforce and its Mission and Vision.
  • Collaborate with outside partners and experts in DEI for evidence-based actions to advance initiatives.
  • Evaluate and assess our organization’s culture related to DEI on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop specific goals and reliable means of collecting data that can be used to measure progress.
  • Review current organizational policies, processes and practices through the lens of DEI advancement, and identify changes that need to be made (including hiring, promoting and evaluating processes that ensure a diverse workforce).
  • Provide education, training and team-building opportunities that expand employees’ understanding of DEI, and explore potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions, biases and other barriers to advancing DEI goals.
  • Facilitate respectful communication and reflective listening between employees.
  • Create the space for difficult conversations and emotions and acknowledge the courage and vulnerability required for these authentic and meaningful interactions.

Employees or customers who believe they have been subjected to any kind of discrimination that conflicts with this diversity, equity, and inclusion statement is encouraged to contact a supervisor, HR representative or Compliance Officer.

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