Discharge Planning

Assistance and Transportation

It is important to plan for assistance at home after discharge from the hospital for the first few days or more if needed. It is not recommended that you plan to go home alone.

Plan for transportation home from the hospital. A vehicle that is not too high or too low is most appropriate.

Options for Continues Physical Therapy
Home without Patient Physical therapy

Your Physician will recommend that you go to out patient PT after discharge. PT is available at Emerge offices or other clinics near your home. PT is usually 2-3 times per week.

Home with Home Health PT

If it is a physical hardship to leave your home after discharge you may qualify for PT in the home 2-3 times per week until able to go to out patient PT.

Skilled Nursing Facility

In-patient SNF is available if more intense rehabilitation is needed before returning home. If you are considering SNF, it is important to visit local facilities in order to make a choice of facility. Many insurance companies require prior approval for SNF which can be applied for during your hospitalization.

Durable Medical Equipment

A rolling walker, bedside commode and straight cane are recommended for all hip and knee joint replacement.

Please refer to the Medical Equipment Information Guide below regarding insurance coverage and ability to obtain DME.

Medical Equipment Information

The bundle program includes patients with the following insurance:

regular Medicare, BCBS (not Federal BCBS and under age 65), Cigna, Optum, Bridge Health and Humana Medicare. Patients with BCBS, Optum, and Bridge Health will receive a rolling walker (RW), bedside commode (BSC) and a straight cane through the bundle program, if needed. Medicare, Cigna and Humana Medicare will have RW or BSC ordered while in the hospital, if needed. You will be responsible for obtaining the straight cane.

Regular UHC (not UHC Medicare Advantage Plan) does not pay for BSC.

If you are not in the bundle program and have health insurance, a RW and BSC will be ordered and delivered to you, if needed during your hospital stay. You will be responsible for obtaining a straight cane, if needed.

If you have Workers Comp please advise your adjuster or case manager of your need for RW, BSC, and straight cane.

You are welcome to use equipment from family or friends. If borrowing a RW; please bring it to the hospital to be adjusted and to ensure that it will be appropriate for you.

Please be aware that your insurance will only purchase medical equipment every five years.

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