Before You Arrive

Planning for your Hospital Visit

We are able to provide individualized attention to each and every patient we serve, with physicians providing personalized care. Here is some information about your stay and how to make it better.


Our Hospital staff will contact you before your procedure to provide you the necessary information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (919) 956-9300. NCSH offers a Preadmission Total Joint Class twice a month for prospective total hip and total knee replacement patients and their families. The class is presented by Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Social Work Staff in an effort to prepare patients for their hospital stay and post hospital recovery. We try to take patients through their hospital stay, day by day, explaining pain control methods, blood clot prevention, physical therapy exercises, and discharge planning. It is felt that patients who attend the class are better prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically for their hospital stay and rehabilitation.

What to Bring / What to Leave at Home

Please bring the following items with you on your pre-surgery scheduled appointment and on the day of your procedure:

  • Health Insurance Information
  • Valid Photo-ID, Social Security Card
  • Bring Credit Card or form of payment for Copay/deductible that is due at registration.
  • Labs, EKG’s, X-Ray Results
  • Comfortable set of clothes to wear for discharge (Out-patients)
  • Several sets of undergarments, comfortable sets of clothes for the length of stay and discharge, well fitted slippers/shoes, and toiletries. (In- patients)
  • If you have a walker, cane, or crutches of your own, please bring the item so that we can properly evaluate its use for your current surgery.

It would be best for you not to bring along any jewelry or extra money that is not needed.

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