CT (Computed Tomography) Scans

Computed tomography scanning is an X-ray procedure that provides cross-sectional images of specific areas of the body, mainly used for brain, spine, chest, abdominal, muscular, and skeletal imaging. It is useful in the rapid diagnosis of traumatic injuries. In our hospital, we use a G.E. Optima 16 Slice CT Scanner. During most CT procedures the patient will be asked to wear an exam gown instead of their personal clothing. Our certified technologist will gently place you on our CT table that slides into the center of a large ring that houses a powerful X-ray tube. Although the patient and CT tech are separated by a glass wall during the procedures, the patient and technologist are in constant communication with each other.

Some CT procedures may require the patient to receive contrast through a small catheter that is inserted in your vein prior to the procedure. Contrast can be helpful in identifying tumors or scar tissue but does have a slight health risk. Patients will be given a consent form by the technologist or ordering physician to sign after receiving a full description of potential side effects of the contrast. Most CT exams take approximately 30 minutes depending on the body part of interest.

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