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Why Choose a Specialty Hospital?

Thu, Jun 09, 2022

Why Choose a Specialty Hospital?

Patients have options when choosing medical facilities for receiving care. In the past, general hospitals dominated the healthcare industry, but today the choices have diversified. Patients can now choose to seek care at specialty hospitals, which continue to grow in number and market share.

What Is a Specialty Hospital?

Specialty hospitals are physician-owned medical centers that target one area of medicine and care or a particular group of patients. Some of the most common specialty hospitals include orthopedic centers, surgical centers, and cardiac facilities.

A physician talks to a patient in a hospital bed.

Given the choice between getting treatment at a general hospital or a specialty hospital, why would patients choose a specialty facility? There are several reasons, topped by the high-quality, efficient care these facilities make possible.

Specialty Hospitals Raise the Bar for Quality of Care

One of the most important benefits of going to a specialty hospital is the increased level of care. Studies find that specialized facilities offer exceptional care by narrowing the focus of services offered. This allows physicians and surgeons to hone their expertise.

Specialty hospitals also provide patients access to the latest technology and most cutting-edge treatments in their field. All of this results directly in higher quality care and better outcomes for patients.

General Hospitals Cannot Offer the Same Cost Efficiency

General hospitals cover the entire gamut of health care. They see all types of patients with nearly every kind of symptom and condition. This generality means they can help a more diverse base of people, but this diversity limits efficiency.

On the other hand, a specialty hospital offers just one category of service, for instance, surgery. This allows them to streamline their care, make it more efficient, and provide patients with more cost-effective service. As a patient, you might be able to undergo a procedure at a lower cost by choosing a specialty medical center.

Specialty Hospitals Excel in Patient Satisfaction

Research indicates specialty hospitals have higher patient satisfaction than general hospitals. Patients appreciate the high-quality care, lower cost of services, more advanced treatment options, and the favorable staff-to-patient ratio available at specialty facilities.

General hospitals have a role to play in healthcare. They offer acute and emergency care and a staff that can treat all patients and all diseases. Specialty hospitals entered the market to offer something different: focused, efficient, high-quality care. A specialty center is often the best choice for patients who have particular medical needs.

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