Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services at North Carolina Specialty Hospital

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide compassionate care to inpatients and ambulatory care patients at North Carolina Specialty Hospital.

The pharmacy department offers a wide range of comprehensive services to both patients and health care providers. As part of the health-care team, pharmacists are responsible for dispensing commercially available pharmaceuticals, Intravenous compounding of medications, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) service, pharmacokinetic counseling and serve as a resource for drug interactions and medication information.  Pharmacy technicians play a central role in all aspects of drug distribution and procurement.

The pharmacy also provides out-patient prescriptions service for those patients being discharged from the hospital.

For any questions pertaining to services offered or to offer any suggestions of improving pharmacy services, please contact:

Direct Line (919) 595-8463
Fax Line (919) 595-8467

Pharmacy Technicians at NCSpecialty Hospital

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