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Hip Replacement

Sun, Sep 22, 2019

Hip Replacement

North Carolina Specialty Orthopaedic surgeons offer total hip replacement, knee replacement and partial knee replacements for patients in the Durham and surrounding areas. Physicians are using advanced technology in hip replacement surgery, including the use of the MAKOplasty device. The MAKOplasty is a robotic device that assists physicians by using minimally invasive approaches to knee and hip replacements.

From a recent hip replacement patient:

“Hey, My name is Mike Williamson. I recently had total hip replacement surgery done by Dr. Ryan Takenaga and his P.A. – Rick Cowan from EmergOrtho. I had the very best Dr’s this universe has to offer! From start to finish, I received the very best of guidance and care along with top notch information about what to expect from the procedure. Coming from a very athletic background, I was concerned about getting the mobility back from days gone by and I can promise any person going through a low quality of life due to pain and discomfort of Osteoarthritis, these Dr’s are your answer. In addition to the having top notch Dr’s…I also had the best hospital care of my life at NC SPECIALTY HOSPITAL in Durham. The entire staff was extremely friendly and professional as well as compassionate! I can compare my time there to being at summer camp as a child! Just incredible nursing staff and the food… omg!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! You guys are the very best!!! ”

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