Joint Replacement

North Carolina Specialty Hospital’s orthopedic surgeons offer both total hip and knee replacements and partial knee replacements. Our team of highly-skilled, board-certified surgeons is committed to using the most advanced technology for joint replacement surgery, including the MAKOplasty device. This approach provides our patients with minimally-invasive surgery options, faster recovery times, and reduced pain.

Why Choose North Carolina Specialty Hospital for Joint Replacement Surgery?

Our Joint Replacement program has been recognized for medical excellence, receiving the prestigious 2024 Medical Excellence Award by CareChex, an accolade reserved for the top 10% of hospitals in the nation.

NCSH’s team of orthopedic surgeons is one of the most highly skilled groups in the southeastern United States, and the hospital is one of the first in North Carolina to offer MAKOplasty. You can trust that your care is in the hands of surgeons with the most advanced fellowship training in their orthopedic subspecialties.

Exceptional care is not limited to the operating room, though. The team at NCSH is with you at every step of the way, from preparing for your joint replacement through recovery.

This includes:

Preadmission ‘Total Joint’ classes. Patients and their caregivers are encouraged to attend these classes, which provide detailed information about joint replacement surgery and recovery. Led by nursing, physical therapy, and social work staff, the classes give patients an idea of what to expect during their stay at NCSH and cover topics like pain control, physical therapy, and discharge planning. We recommend the class for all prospective patients, as we find those who attend report feeling more prepared for their joint replacement surgery and recovery.

View the Total Joint Class Video Library

Learn more about our Preadmission ‘Total Joint’ classes led by our expert team of specialists.

Comfortable rooms. Many of our patients are discharged the same day as their surgery. But if you need to remain in the hospital after your procedure, you can expect a large, private room with modern amenities and delicious meals throughout your stay.

Discharge planning. Our team will ensure you go home with the resources you need for recovery, including durable medical equipment (walkers, etc.), physical therapy appointments, and, if necessary, skilled nursing care for more intensive rehabilitation.

The entire team at North Carolina Specialty Hospital is committed to patient satisfaction while delivering the highest level of care to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Your Home for MAKOplasty

The MAKOplasty is a robotic device that assists physicians by using minimally invasive approaches to knee and hip replacements. North Carolina Specialty is one of the first hospitals in the state to offer this type of joint replacement surgery.

This minimally invasive procedure is supported by the Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System (RIO). RIO gives surgeons increased precision to target the damaged areas of the joint without compromising healthy bone and tissue. The RIO is another way NCSH continues to evolve. Our commitment to using innovative technology and offering our patients alternatives to conventional procedures supports rapid pain relief and a faster return to your daily activities.

The MAKOplasty device offers several benefits for patients, including:

  • Reduced implant wear and loosening
  • Less scarring
  • Minimal hospitalization
  • Rapid recovery
  • Improved surgical outcomes

Learn More About Joint Replacement at North Carolina Specialty Hospital

If you’re living with persistent knee or hip pain that disrupts your daily life, and conservative treatments have been ineffective, talk to your doctor about full or partial joint replacement. To find a physician who can best assist you or answer any questions you may have, click on Find a Physician or call us anytime at (919) 956-9300.

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