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North Carolina Specialty Hospital—The Benefits of Specialty Orthopedics

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If you need orthopedic surgery, you have a choice when it comes to who performs the procedure and where. A hospital for special surgery with orthopedic surgeons, like North Carolina Specialty Hospital, is a smart choice because it offers very specific procedures performed by experts in their field.

Patients today are savvy consumers of healthcare. They know more than ever before and are powerful advocates for their own health. That means we need to keep up with the excellent care patients expect. When you choose NCSH for your orthopedic surgery, you get the best.

What are Specialty Hospitals?

Specialty hospitals, or medical centers, are health care facilities that offer specific and focused services. At NCSH, we have experts in orthopedic surgery but also ophthalmology, plastic surgery, podiatry, urology, and more. We are also physician-owned, so the doctors are the decision makers.

A specialty hospital concentrates the expertise of specialists. Patients benefit from physicians and surgeons who treat specific medical conditions, perform certain procedures frequently, and use the latest technologies in their fields.

The opposite of a specialty hospital is a traditional general hospital. While these facilities have a place in health care, they cannot offer the same degree of specialization and expertise. They take all patients with any symptoms or medical conditions.

The Benefits of Choosing a Hospital for Special Surgery In Orthopedics

The number of specialty hospitals has been growing for years. They fill a need that general hospitals cannot, offering highly specialized care. NCSH is a leader in specialty orthopedic care in the region. There are many good reasons to choose us for your next procedure.

Orthopedic Specialists Perform Orthopedic Surgery

It might seem obvious, but not everyone chooses a specialist for their surgery. Why go to a general surgeon when you can benefit from the skill and experience of an orthopedic specialist? NCSH is a hospital for special surgery with orthopedic doctors, not just generalists.

Within specialty orthopedics, there are also subspecialties. We have surgeons who have special expertise in joint replacement, foot and ankle procedures, spine and back health, and arm, elbow, and wrist surgeries. A specialty center allows you to choose a true expert in the procedure you need.

Experts Work Together

NCSH is staffed by experts in their fields who collaborate with each other. The orthopedic surgeon with whom you choose to work performs only orthopedic procedures. This experience, along with the collaboration with other, like-minded experts, means you benefit from the best possible care for your specific surgery.

NCSH is Physician-Owned

Physician-owned facilities have the added benefit of putting doctors in a position to make the best decisions for patient care. They are able to specialize and excel in a narrow area of practice, while putting patient needs, decisions, and goals at the forefront of everything they do.

NCSH Provides Leading Orthopedic Surgical Technology

When physicians gather together by specialty, they are better able to offer the most advanced technologies. At NCSH, our orthopedic surgeons have access to the Makoplasty robotic surgical system. Surgeons use the system to perform joint replacements. They can place the joint more precisely and use less-invasive surgical methods, so patients get better outcomes, faster recovery, and less pain.

Specialty Hospitals are Cost-Effective

Because orthopedic hospitals do not treat all medical conditions or all patients, they can deliver services more efficiently. Experts working together in the same field share resources and technology. This makes the care at specialty hospitals more cost-effective. Physicians are often able to pass those savings to patients.

NCSH is Recognized for Quality Care and Safety

NCSH is dedicated not just to excellent patient care but to constantly improving all aspects of care. We recently received a five-star CMS rating. The rating reflects excellence in patient safety, patient experience, timeliness, and low mortality rates and readmission rates. Only 2% of hospitals get this coveted five-star rating.

We also recently received the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for hip and knee replacement. This recognizes compliance with high performance standards in these procedures. The recognition that NCSH continues to receive indicates the high quality of care we offer that translates into excellent patient outcomes.

You have a choice to make when facing the need for an orthopedic surgery. Informed health care consumers know that hospitals like NCSH have something better to offer. Make an appointment request online today to get in touch with one of our expert orthopedic specialists.

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